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A small object of metal or plastic that gives you a complete control to your vehicle’s security - is your car key. But being the smallest of the system that you have put in place for your vehicle, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear of situations where they have been misplaced or of situations where you have ended up with keys locked in car . Yes, you heard us right – there have been several instances that we at Augerville CT Locksmith Store have come across in which our customers have hurriedly walked out of the cars with the keys in ignition or dropped the keys unknowingly in the car leading to a lockout. Subsequent to this disastrous condition, here is what most of them have tried before calling us up for our experts’ assistance:

  • Tried opening the cars with some Do-It-Yourself methods but dropped them midway as they were Augerville CT Locksmith Store Augerville, CT 203-741-8521unsuccessful. Adding to that, the fear of doing a permanent damage to the car locks stopped them trying to retrieve the keys locked in car
  • Ringing up their car dealer for the emergency assistance where they were directed to bring the car to their service centers. It meant towing the vehicle and our customers really doubted whether the amount spent on it was really worth it.
  • Tried making quick alternative keys for the cars. But the solution was estimated to be time-consuming given the technical aspects involved in making the keys. The estimated cost suggested by the vendors for key making was exorbitant.
  • Calling for professional locksmith experts.

So which option worked out the best? No points for guessing that right – indeed it is seeking the expertise of a professional locksmith in area such as the ones at Augerville CT Locksmith Store.

What is our specialty?

Our locksmiths have extensive knowledge gained from working in various scenarios, similar and diverse, for retrieving the keys locked in car . They are also frequently updating themselves to use the best industry techniques in a non-destructive way to get the keys from the cars’ interior. In case, the lock has been already damaged or jammed by trial and error methods, our locksmith experts provide a quicker and efficient replacement of the security system. Are you worried about the cost involved for replacement? Fear not, the services and the products are priced moderately and they would surely take you by a pleasant surprise.

Got the keys locked in car? Pick up the phone and place a call at 203-741-8521 for all the help you need!